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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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apparently in stable condition right now at the hospital. and police are investigating whether this shooting was justified. >> is there any evidence that the officer did anything wrong? >> we are looking at that right now. we are covering all our bases. and all the officers on the scene are being interviewed as we speak as well as anyone that was inside the house. we're trying to conduct a thorough investigation it's ongoing as we speak. so everyone's being separated and being interviewed and we're collecting any type of video we can find and any witnesses we can find. >> reporter: the police officer has been placed on routine administrative leave at this point as they continue that investigation. and again, the good news denada robinson apparently in stable condition at the hospital. back to you. >> all right bruce leshan thank you very much. a d.c. police officer out of the hospital tonight after a shootout with a man near gallaudet university. it happened last night in the 1300 block of queen street
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northeast. that's in the trinidad neighborhood. police say they tried to stop 19-year-old darius jamal murphy. murphy they say pulled out a gun and started shooting at officers hitting one of them. the cops returned fire hitting and killing murphy. new information tonight on the background of the d.c. police officer charged with coercing a reluctant 15-year- old girl into taking a naked photo. scott broom is in waldorf tonight where seven year veteran marc washington lives, scott? >> reporter: well according to the neighbors who live here with washington in this waldorf townhome neighborhood, they say he lives in the townhome here. he's single. and he lives with his father. the neighbors describe him as a pleasant guy and a familiar face. but it's a face now seen in a mug shot after 32-year-old d.c. police officer marc washington was charged under federal child pornography laws after an alleged incident on duty sunday in southeast washington. >> pretty regular guy.
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>> reporter: neighbors shocked by the allegations against him. >> that's marc? i haven't seen anything like that that would lead to me thinking that was something he did -- he'd be involved in. >> reporter: according to court documents washington went to a southeast apartment sunday night unannounced to ask about a 15-year-old girl who'd returned home after washington took a missing person report from her mother the day before. washington told the mom he wanted to interview the girl alone if her room and once there he told the 15-year-old to take off her top so he could take pictures of her injuries with his kodak easy share camera. she said she didn't have any injuries to see but the officer allegedly insisted calling it quote part of the procedure. he did the same on the girl's lower body saying he needed photos of tattoos for identification purposes. when investigators seized the camera they found photos of the girl and two other unknown victims. washington's a seven veteran
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and last night police chief cathy lanier reacted. >> instead of protecting the public he's done just you know this horrible act to hurt members and children. >> reporter: washington by the way according to public records is an army veteran. he is being held without bail right now. he gets a hearing on bail tomorrow. he faces the potential of up to 30 years in federal prison. in waldorf, scott broom, wusa9. earlier today, connecticut officials released the 911 tapes from the day of the sandy hook school shootings in newtown. well, 22 of the 26 families who lost loved ones in that horrific tragedy asked a judge to block those calls after the associated press and other news organizations said the tapes were public record. well, the judge sided with the media stating that delaying the release only serves to fuel speculation about and undermine confidence in our law enforcement officials. well, after reviewing the tapes and some emotional discussion in our own newsroom, we have
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decided to put those calls on our website. so you can listen to them for yourself if you want to. a clerk is recovering right now after being hit over the head with a gun during a robbery. according to police, these crooks robbed the 7/11 on good win drive in manassas just after midnight. and one of the crooks hit the clerk with a blank revolver. take a look at the surveillance pictures. the stickupmen made off with cash, cigarettes and some of the victim's personal items, if you know them, give police a call. second now on the affordable care act. the obama administration says nearly 30,000 people have signed up for coverage on during the first two days of december. the numbers come after a site relaunch and surpasses signups during the entire month of october. but as danielle nottingham explains, if those numbers don't include a significant number of young people, it could spell trouble for the
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entire health care law. >> reporter: president obama is pushing to get more young people to sign up for health insurance. >> for your friends and your family, the most important source of information is not going to be me. it's going to be you. >> reporter: stopping by a white house youth summit, the president encouraged young adults to show their friends how to enroll. jessica brown is spreading the word on college campuses. >> young people are an important group among the uninsured. they're actually the largest bloc of uninsured. >> reporter: republicans held four separate hearings on the health care law wednesday and explored whether young people will sign up. >> if they're young and healthy, they're not going to spend thee or four days a week trying to get through a website for insurance when they find that they're going to have to pay more for it. >> reporter: georgia republican tom price is pushing his own health care legislation that he says is more attractive to young people. >> mr. president, here we are,
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we've got a better idea. so give me a call. >> reporter: under the affordable care act, the premium young healthy people pay help bring down the costs for the sick and elderly. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> and again, young people have less than three weeks to sign up on for coverage that begins january 1st. well, they were once his biggest supporters. now millennials appear to be turning their backs on president obama. according to a new poll resalessed by harvard's -- released by harvard university, 52% of voters under the age of 25 would recall the president. 40% of 25 to 29-year-olds say they would recall the president. mill lean yams are not too fond of congress either. 52% would recall every single member. all right, there's going to be another recount in virginia eastern general race. democrat mark herring has a 165 vote edge over republican mark
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ouabain shane in the closest statewide race in virginia history. a richmond judge set aside dember 16th and 17th for the officials to tally the votes again. he requested the recount which will be done at taxpayer expense. the man accused of killing a tsa officer and wounding three others at los angeles international airport is being held without bail tonight. a judge issued the order in the case of paul ciancia just a few hours ago and the judge says he is a flight risk and a danger to the community. the 23-year-old is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of gerardo hernandez at l. a. x. back on november 1st. he was later shot during a confrontation with police. he could get the death penalty if he's convicted. well, the search is on tonight for a stolen truck carrying what's being called extremely dangerous radioactive material. the volkswagen truck was stolen near mix toe city. it was carrying material used
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for radiotherapy treatment to fight cancer. now it's not clear whether the thief had any idea what was inside. however, there is serious concern tonight that the material could be used to produce a dirty bomb. celebrity tv chef nige lla lawson is not a drug addict. you want to read it? >> she says that she's only done cocaine a handful of times. take a listen. >> now that's just one morsel coming out of a fraud trial in britain. her former assistants are accused of lacking up more than $1 million in fraudulent charges. they claim lawson authorized the purchases in exchange for keeping quiet about the chef's excessive drug use. today is the ten year anniversary of a northern virginia murder mystery. the wife of alexandria sheriff james dunning found in her own home murdered. peggy fox updates the case at 5:30. >> also ahead, d.c.'s first new wal-mart is now open for
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business. but we're going to explain why you may want to be careful parking your car near one of those stores. >> all right, temperatures mild. yes it's a harbinger of the warm air to come. we'll show you testimoniens right now. they're in the 50s. but you know what? 60s are on the way. we'll talk about that. a wintry mix is on the way for sunday. and erica will show you where all the winter weather is coming in from. >> takes less than a minute to give a toy to a child who really needs it. i'll show you how you can give joy in a couple of clicks coming up.
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tonight, d.c.'s first wal- marts are open for business. the stores opened this morning to excited customers just waiting to get their shopping done. this is the video of the wal-
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mart on h. street in northwest. the other store is georgia avenue also in northwest. if you're planning to head over to h. street though, watch out. first street between h. and new jersey, well that's government property. so if you don't have a permit, you will get a ticket. and we're told some drivers found this out the hard way. all right, want to do something to give back for the holidays but you don't have a lot of time or money? wusa9 has the perfect thing. >> in just minutes from right where you're sitting you can give a toy to a child who might not otherwise get one this holiday season. it is our give joy campaign. debra alfarone going to tell you how to do it. all the kids are in our area and we're helping them out right now. >> absolutely jan and it's so easy. not a big deal at all and basically a toy doesn't have to be expensive is going to go to a child in the community who needs it. again no need to go to the store and drop anything off. i'm going to show you how to do this in a second but we teamed
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up with volunteers of america and they've id'd five organizations just doing great work? helping people who really need it. today we're highlighting bailey's crossroads community shelter in falls church. listen to this. >> they're not going to have a holiday. they won't. it's critically important that we do wish lists like this and we do toy drives like this so that we can ensure that the children do have a sense of normalcy because after all they're children. they're just kind of in these situations. >> it is really easy. come and i will show you. basically you go to want to give a gift? click right there. there's my friend jan jeffcoat right there. go down a little bit which click right here -- and click right here, and look at all of these toys that are here. there are toys from $5 to $100, very easy and you just can add it to the cart. it's simple. it takes no time at all. so won't you help us give joy to a child who is not going to
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have a holiday without you? i'm going to be here throughout our newscast tonight and i'm going to update you right now on this website. 51 toys that need to be bought. so start clicking, our goal is to knock off every single item on this wish list. oh we're keeping tabs. so i'm going to let you know how we're doing when we come back. buy some toys. buy some toys. all right pretty mild out here in the d.c. metro area but other parts of the country are pretty much in the grip of the icy weather. could it be heading this way too? meteorologist erica grow has more on the weather in the northern plains. >> after a fairly mild thanksgiving holiday weekend, the upper plains is now dealing with a heavy blast from old man winter. northern minnesota got covered with a blanket of snow. a foot thick today. while the minneapolis area picked up about five inches before the snow starteto mix with freezing rain. the snow is still falling in the twin cities making for difficult travel conditions and a slew of accidents. but another threat is looming
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in the form of a bitter arctic punch. they're already feeling it in places like north and south dakota and wyoming. in the capital city of cheyenne, the accumulating snow has ended, but strong northwest winds continue to blow around the snow that is already fallen. and a windchill warning is in effect tonight for the region. the national weather service is forecasting high temperatures in the single digits in eastern wyoming on thursday and friday. and record low temperatures are likely on saturday morning as the coldest air moves east. aberdeen, south dakota could tie a record low on saturday morning of negative 24 degrees. >> wouldn't that be something? now the potential for some wintry weather here in the d.c. metro this weekend. and it just so happens to be winter weather preparedness week in virginia. couldn't have come at a presidenter time topper -- better time topper. >> let's take a minute to talk about it. we take the watches and warnings for granted. what do they mean? winter storm watch means what? >> a winter storm watch is the potential for wintery weather
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within the next 48 hours right? they're issued in general about two days prior to a winter storm anticipated. >> could happen. what about a winter storm warning? >> a warning is more imminent. it's -- not 100% certainty that we're going to get that wintery weather. but it is in the forecast. it is certainly in the national weather service's forecast at that point. a winter storm warning is generally issued when the precipitation totals are expected to be higher as well. protect and the window is closer to we're looking at it -- yeah, an arrival of the event being sooner in that case as well. >> people may not know this but in different participants of the country the -- parts of the country the criteria is different. here is five inches or more. but no snow this weekend. it's our live michael & son weather cam. you know not a bad day really to do some stuff outside. it was in the 50s with light winds. pretty good deal. it is still 55 outside. relative humidity kind of high at 69% and had a guy call me
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and wanted to paint. i don't think it's a good time to paint. he wanted to paint a car and it's too humid. then you have showers possibly tomorrow and certainly by friday. okay, we've taken the radar back into the texas panhandle. see the snow now just south of denver snowing now just north of albuquerque and this is going to plummet southeastward into the texas panhandle and oklahoma and even northwest arkansas. there are winter storm watches and warnings that far south for tomorrow. 54 right now in bethesda. 55 in arlington. 54 in reston. seems pretty nice. 51 out toward white oak but 54234 college park and -- 54 in college park and 56 in waldorf. what awaits us? this is the arctic air that she just mentioned. this is pretty serious stuff. it's 0 right now in great falls and 8 in denver. denver was 65 on monday. we'll kind of zoom in here and this is going to sink to the south into the southern plains states and even into northwestern arkansas and eventually kind of ooze across the mountains saturday night and then by sunday morning we're going to add some
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precipitation to that for you snow lovers this is not a snow event. this is more a freezing rain and ice event on sunday and it looks like it will be here by sunday morning just in time for church unfortunately. we are 5. 46 in buffalo. 30 minneapolis. so the cold air is still a few days away. for tonight, mild. mainly dry. in fact unseasonably mild really. the bus stop 48 to 54 for temps tomorrow. 60s roll in for thursday. and then we'll have a wet finish to the week. with a lot of showers and just some light rain nothing heavy coming on friday. so for tonight, mostly cloudy. quite mild. maybe a shower. i think you're okay if you want to take a walk until about midnight. those around 50 and winds out of the south at around 10. we'll break it down. these are city temps and 50s to start. 57 by 9:00 and 60 by 11:00 a.m. and low 60s by 1:00 p.m. temperature-wise that's a pretty good deal. we'll put up with some clouds and a few showers. by friday though, still mild. some showers and got to keep it a green alert. we can hand it will showers and 60s -- hand it will showers and
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60 -- handle the showers and 60. here comes the seven day. really haven't changed much since yesterday or how whoo's noon. we have the temps in the 30s and ity it's going to -- i think it's going to take much of the day to erode the cold air north and west of town. i think south and east of town a change over to rain by late afternoon or by evening. the redskins in town. a lot going on. that game by the way is on channel 9 and then the ravens in town. mild on monday and more flurries possible on tuesday. >> still time to refine this. you can take that off. >> we could but the models are just locked in. they're emphatic on this. >> emphatic forecast. >> get out your tool boxes and fix it. >> okay. >> thank you top. still ahead, he's not gone yet. why d.c. sports fans may soon be hearing a lot more from crack smoking toronto mayor rob ford. >> plus, wait until you hear about one of pope francis' old jobs.
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well you know him as toronto's crack smoking mayor. but he's coming to d.c..
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at least his voice is. rob ford is slated to make a weekly appearance on 106.7 the fan's sports junkies, ford is going to call into the show and make nfl picks and talk spots. his appearances are tentatively scheduled for thursdays at 8 : 40 a.m. at least ten whales are dead along florida's southwest coast near the everglades national park. dozens more are stranded and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is now trying to free them. a park spokesperson says they've been able to push six whales back into the water and they still don't know why the whales beached themselves. there's no doubt now the pope francis is a pope of the people. literal lay. >> francis told parishioners this week he once moonlighted as a bouncer. can you see him as a bouncer? he probably let everybody in. just too nice. he says he worked at a nightclub in his native argentina and as a college student, the pope says he swept floors he ran tests in a
5:24 pm
chemical lab. francis made these revelations as a church in a parking class district in rome. a star spectacle is ready to shine in the heart of manhattan. the traditional lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree takes place at 8:00 tonight. and this year, the tree is a 76- foot norway spruce, just beautiful from connecticut. you got mary j. blige, jewel, leona lewis all perform and that tree is decorated with 45,000 multicolored l. e. d. rights. still ahead a top tv chef and allegations of cocaine abuse. that's in today's hollywood headlines. >> and today is the ten year anniversary of a northern virginia murder mystery. the wife of alexandria sheriff james dunning found murdered in her own home. peggy fox brings us an update on the case after the break.
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does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. checking our open stories, a -- top stories, a hyattsville woman is hospitalized in stable condition. 50-year-old denada robinson reportedly pulled a knife before she was wounded. police are investigating whether that shooting was justified. neighbors of a washington police officer being held on child pornography charges say they are shocked.
5:28 pm
shocked by the allegations. 32-year-old marcwa allegedly coworse -- marc washington allegedly coerced a 15-year-old girl into taking her clothes off on sunday so he could photograph her. the obama administration says more people have signed up for insurance coverage on in the first two days of december than in all of october. but if the plan is to be successful, those numbers need to include a significant number of healthy young people. two unsolved murders a decade apart. any connection? well there are similarities between the mysterious shooting deaths of transportation official ron kirby and dunning. peggy fox has the story. >> she would be the last person i would think somebody would want to kill. >> reporter: it's been ten years since nancy dunning was shot to death in her dell ray home. >> got everything on top? >> reporter: friday night friends like nora partlow who run st. elmo's coffee pub will
5:29 pm
remethe woman by lighting luminaries along mount vernon avenue. >> as a realtor, she really -- and as a resident, it was very important to her to build a community. >> reporter: last year, former sheriff jim dunning died after moving to north carolina. it's upsetting to many that his wife's murder was never solved. >> it's just like being a member of your family that passed away mysteriously that you always wonder why? why? >> reporter: today alexandria police chief earl cooke pledged to never put the case on a shelf. >> you don't always have that piece that you're tracking down that gives you the a-ha moment but we're hoping to get it. >> reporter: three weeks ago they were reminded of her murder when another well-known resident was shot to death in his home. ron kirby was killed the morning of november 11th. in both cases, there was no forced entry into the homes. >> i had a picture of him in the bedroom. so i could say good night.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: kirby's widow ann haynes thinks her husband's killer was looking for money and walked in through an unlocked back door. >> ron got up where his chair and he said what's that noise? to himself. and they just killed him. >> reporter: police have found no connection between the two murders and now on the tenth anniversary of one the survivor of another unsolved homicide says it's painful to move on. >> and i have to deal with it for the rest of my life. you know? he was taken by me -- away from me, away. >> reporter: in alexandria, peggy fox, wusa9. >> police chief cooke says they reassigned the dunning case to new detectives every few years just to give it you know a fresh set of eyes. there's a $100,000 reward for the capture of nancy dunning's killer. the los angeles county coroner's office has released its findings today into the death of "fast and furious" star paul walker and his friend
5:31 pm
roger rodas. they died in a high speed accident last saturday and the medical examiner found the combined effects of the crash and the fire that followed killed rodas immediately. walk aerofew seconds later -- walker a few seconds later. the porsche carrera gt crashed into a light pole. and tonight walker is being remembered for much more than just his performance in movies. a california couple now says walker was the mystery man who bought their $10,000 wedding ring. over a decade ago, the "fast and furious" star just happened to be shopping in the same jewelry store as the couple. at the time, kyle and christine upham could not afford their dream ring and they left. but it turns out walker paid the bill. >> one of the ladies came out holding a bag and just sily said here's your ring. and i -- i think both of our mouths dropped. and i think after a couple of minutes of shell shock i finally said well, how?
5:32 pm
you know who bought it? she just smiled at me and said it was better not to say. >> now the jewelry stone owner says the late actor told her to quote put it on my tab. soon after that he just left. >> wow. "usa today" entertainment reporter joining us now and you know we're also hearing that universal is shutting down production of the latest "fast and furious" movie. lots of fallout from all this. >> it's the right thing to do. someone died and hollywood is hollywood and business is business. but at a certain point you have to do the right thing. we don't really know how long the delay will be. no one knows, everything is still really fresh and they're looking at a summer release. but i'm thinking that that might not happen now. >> with the franchise right? >> yeah i mean he's one of the franchise stars it's him and vin diesel that really make up the franchise. and what makes it even more difficult is that all the people are friends. they've been shooting the movies for more than a decade together you know. so -- it's hard to even tell vin diesel you have to get back
5:33 pm
to work because one of his best friends just died. >> the posesment just end the -- possibility they'll just end the series altogether? >> i don't know that they will. this is a cash cow. i mean it's rare that you have a 12 year, 13 year franchise. pull in the money that these movies pull in. this summer? in may "fast and furious" 6 did huge numbers. >> to me at some point they'll pay homage to him with whoever the next person is. >> i'm sure a carrying of the torch and they'll do something respectful of him and the character i'm sure. but i don't think it's going to end. i certainly don't. >> let's talk about -- one jonas brother. joe jonas who's no longer with the jonas brothers and they have broken up. he has a lot to say about his life post-disney. >> he does. >> no more squeaky clean image anymore. >> i kind of love it too. i reread the interview several times and he really put it all out there. he talked about smoking weed for the first time with miley
5:34 pm
cyrus and demi lovato. she went to rehab with all sorts of issues. the jonas brothers wore the purity rings and they were 'tweens when they said that they would wear the rings which is a little bizarre to me. but anyway, he says that the rings came off. he lost his virginity at age 20. and -- you know, he just really put it out there. >> cut his hair. he said i'm getting as far away from the clean life as possible. huh? >> he sort of made disney sound like a jail you know like the image was so structured and that he didn't like being on the show. he didn't like being told that the lyrics had to be changed. and -- >> for my own daughter i hope she liked the rings and we love disney for that reason. >> get online and find some purity rings. >> exactly no -- all for that. >> crazy. >> nigella lawson what's going on with her? >> speaking of drugs. she says though -- i tried them but i'm not an addict. >> and -- >> don't get it twisted. >> she has the brand though where i never thought about her and drugs ever going together. before that started to come out
5:35 pm
in the trial, it never crossed my mind. you know? so she did admit to doing cocaine recreationally which is sort of like all right. okay. >> okay. >> and the trial is not even about -- it shouldn't be about her personally. it's about these assistants that are accused of racking up all the charges on credit cards. but she is saying it's a smear campaign from her ex-husband. who -- photographers caught this summer it looked like he was grabbing her throat and that's what sort of led to their divorce. so he says this is just him trying to destroy her life. he told her that's what he was going to do. bring her down. >> not a happy home. >> no. no. >> finally -- let's talk "50 shades of grey" a book that neither of us have read. >> i haven't read it either. >> confession. >> this is not the "50 shades of grey" fan club right here. >> it means we haven't had a chance to read the book. >> they have some casting news. rita ora a british singer. i don't know that anyone actually heard of her. >> we were like who?
5:36 pm
>> she's on jay z's label but she has not quite made a splash in the music world and i'm a little confused as to how she's making the leap into acting into one of the biggest movies of the next few years. but bravo to her. if they want her for the role we'll see how well she does and have to see what happens with it. [ laughter ] >> we were kind of like what? >> maybe you'll see the movie and then read the books. >> yes. that too right? >> maybe she will entice me to read the book. here it is. >> that's going to happen. >> we certainly hope for you and all of our viewers at home to go on our website and give some joy this holiday season. debra alfarone has already done just that. we're going to check up with her now on how the toy drive is going ail long. >> it's going great. what we were on like maybe 15 minutes ago? six people at home purchased toys for people. yay everybody, thank you guys so much for doing that. purchasing toys for kids who really need it and again we're helping out bailey's crossroads
5:37 pm
a community shelter. and these kids don't have a home. so there's no -- santa coming over. there's nothing like that. what you're giving them is basically what they're going to be getting for the holidays so thank you guys so much. again it's and speaking of joy oh topper let's send it on over to you. that's just because we have 50s and 60s in the forecast for now anyway. we'll show you tells. still 55 in frederick and manassas. it's 61 in culpeper, we'll talk about the 60s creeping in here tomorrow and we'll also talk about when
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5:40 pm
well, most people know laura newman as anne arundel county's executive but as a teenager, she was the victim of a rape that she says nearly destroyed her. in part because very few people actually believed her including police. well, tonight at 11:00, newman talks about her 20 year fight to find her rapist. >> i decided in that moment i would be his worst nightmare. hewould be e therfor every g arinevand ery trial and every case and i would follow him and make sure he stayed behind bars for the rest of his life. >> tonht at 11:00 only on
5:41 pm
wusa9 she talks about going from victim to advocate for other rape victims. an investigation is underway tonight into a sky diving tragedy. >> yeah this happened during a group jump in allow, arizona. investigators say two sky divers slammed into one another and died. >> both of their canopies were open. and at the point they collided it's estimated they were about 200, 300 feet up in the air. we're told that both the canopies collapsed and then they both fell to the ground. >> a third sky diver was injured. but it's not clear whether the injuries were related to the collision between the two other sky divers. coming up next, one family's fight to help their son through addiction and find the money to pay for it. >> and you still have time to help us give some joy to families for the holidays. help us meet our goal of buying all the gifts on the wish lists at the bailey's crossroads community shelter by just logging on to
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only on 9 tonight. one family's struggle to find affordable care for their heroin addicted son and insurance coverage to pay for tase treatments. >> you're about to meet a 24- year-old man who has a full- time job and didn't steal from his family or friends to fund
5:45 pm
his drug habit. unlike many addicts. andrea mccarren shows us how he's now battling both his addiction and his insurance company. ♪ >> reporter: lucas miller's guitar is one of his favorite possessions. but in the suffocating existence that is addiction, he sold it to a pawnshop to ensure his next fix. >> the second you wake up to the second you go to bed at night. that's all you're worried about. >> reporter: lucas' addiction to painkillers and later to heroin has ravaged every aspect of his life. >> you're not worried about who you screw over and whose families you hurt and you're not worried about who might die because of this as long as i get my drugs. i'll be all right and the next day you wake up. just starts all over again. >> reporter: after more than 400 of those days, he's had
5:46 pm
enough. lucas wanted help. >> i've never been more december perhaps in my life. >> reporter: ironically the family's insurance company compounded the misery. >> they really need to make sure that the addicts that are asking for help get the help when they need it. when they want it. because their mind could change in a flat second. >> reporter: even after their insurance company referred them to a specific facility, lucas was denied the chance for treatment. >> when my mother called the insurance company and everybody was ready they said well you can't go there. we have to send you somewhere cheeper. >> reporter: by then the family waited at intake for nearly eight hours. >> i begged and pleaded and i said my son is sick. please. >> reporter: it was long enough for lucas to go into withdrawal and need to be hospitalized. he's home now but his family still struggles. >> every day i have to go up and wonder if he's relapsed and make sure he's breathing when i go into his room. in the morning.
5:47 pm
and it -- breaks my heart. ♪ >> reporter: remarkably, lucas was able to get back his prized guitar and slowly his self- confidence. >> he's a good man and an addict's body. i love him with all my heart. >> reporter: opiate blockers helped him stay clean. most recently a monthly injection of a drug called vivitrol. they say a single shot cost $1,200, and it's not covered by the family's insurance. >> i just say my prayers almost hourly. save my son please. >> reporter: andrea mccarren, > blocked your family's ability to get help for a loved one? join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. >> let's check in now with derek for a look at 6:00 p.m. and what we're working on. >> hey there. well tonight add another name to the growing list of folks who would love to be d.c.'s next mayor.
5:48 pm
we'll tell you about him. plus, hey you kids cut out all the noise. why partying too hard can get you in some hot water with the cops at least in one part of northern virginia and remember when the engineering students used to just drop eggs off buildings? well, we've got a story of some university of maryland students who are taking their talents to a whole nother level and it's video you have to see. you were throwing eggs off people? >> no, no, it was part of the science experiment. >> oh okay. >> rapid lake and foam and stuff. make sure it didn't break. >> you weren't doing it just you know to be mean. that was last week. >> that was last week exactly. all right. we have some very cool video speaking of cool video. it snowed so much in the southwest it filled up the grand canyon. just kidding. that's fog. it doesn't happen too often. fog is a cloud on the ground. made up of water droplets and not vapor and these are really
5:49 pm
spectacularriccages from the grand -- images from the grand canyon. that's like another planet isn't it? >> it does, it looks majestic. >> very cool. okay live look outside. it is our live michael & son weather cam. very comfortable still. 55 degrees. that's a bargain for this time of night and also for this time of day. oh by the way the sunset -- already set at 4:46 but will:46 is the earliest sunset time we have by december 12th it will start setting later. okay? so -- winds calm. pressure falling a little bit. 30.03. satellite picture and radar combined still have some snow pulling out of the plains states and into minnesota. and this is pretty good snow up there anywhere from 6 to 10 inches fell especially in northern minnesota and this is ice. okay? in the upper peninsula. maybe dealing with that on sunday. down here, we're having a lot of snow pulling out of the southern rockies and denver into the texas panhandle, oklahoma panhandle. winter storm watches as far south as dallas. so we know the cold air is
5:50 pm
strong and we know it's pretty far south and it's going to get in here eventually. right now we just have clouds. couple of sprinkles possible overnight but primarily after midnight. only 9 right now in bismarck. 4 below in great falls and it's 73 in dallas. this is kind of interesting. and they have a winter storm watch out for tomorrow. we are 55. but this cold air will eventually work its way through the ohio valley and sneak over the mountains and ooze on down in here as we get into saturday night late and sunday morning. 53 rockville. 53 in bethesda. 54 right now in rockville and 54 in college park. 56 rather down into waldorf. so 50s to start tomorrow. first mild tonight. lyanthen bus stop temps can't beat that. 48 to 54. 60s roll in for thursday. and then a wet finish to the week. you might need to bring your umbrella on friday. so we're looking at 50s across the board. 60 by 11:00 and 63 by 1:00 p.m. a lot of clouds. 60 on friday but lot more showers and then maybe a
5:51 pm
morning shower on saturday. colder only 46 and then on sunday, next seven days, we got the wintry mix and redskins game in town and i think it's going to be a slow turnover and not a snow situation. it's freezing rain and ice. 54 on monday then colder on tuesday. and wednesday with highs only around 40. so santa came early for some drivers in houston this week. a computer glitch had a gas station charging 36 cents a gallon for super unleaded. one driver filled up their tank for $5. that's it. the gas station manager says that several drivers took advantage of the cheap gas before he realized what was going on. closed those pumps and called in a technician. >> i bet. [ laughter ] because clearly gas should not be 36 cents a gallon. but you know -- i know exactly. all right, so if you're ready to take off by air or hit the road. our two hot holiday picks are sure to please. we're going to leave this one in the box jan but this is the
5:52 pm
plains' wing controlled dusty crop hopper. you see these sort of radiocontrollers here. when you dip, the plane dips. >> the plane dips. >> when you dip the other way the plane dips. when you run the plane goes with you. so it's a lot of fun. this is for kids 3 and up. it's $39.99 and it makes all kinds of sounds and phrases if it's a lot of fun. >> the kids get exercise. >> they get a little exercise exactly. now you got to make a little space on the road and in your wallet for the next toy. we're going to show it to you here down on the floor. this is the mobo total tot rod three wheel cruiser. it's intended for parents to push the kids and for the kids to ride and explore okay? so this is best for toddlers and preschoolers. there's a seat belt. it is safe. this is $250. okay? this is not cheap. derek thank you for rolling the wheels there. but -- >> he's been playing with it a
5:53 pm
lot. >> but the best thing about that is we know it's going to go to a kid in need. clearly we didn't have the room up here to roll it out. >> that's all right derek wanted to play with it. >> how's it going? >> we know. all right, toys -- you can play with that a little too long now okay? toys -- toys fill the list of some local children we are trying to give joy this holiday season. our debra alfarone is in the web center with a look at how you can help. you're doing a great job there deb. how many toys so far now? >> so excited that it is 15. earlier it was six and now we have donated 15 toys to kids who really really need it and again we're helping kids right now that are homeless. and they don't have santa coming to the door. but don't get up from the couch. if you have an ipad or laptop with you come do this with me. go to and right now bailey cross records community shelter.
5:54 pm
click on that and there's the toys and seriously you don't have to give that much. it seems like you can give one toy, two toys but there's toys as cheap as like $5 on here. you can also give money. you can also give a donation as well. so it all goes directly to a child who needs it. the mission is to clean out that wish list. so here's what you need to do. we have 15 now we have to sell even more of these so we're going to be here throughout the rest of the show and through the 7:00 show. help me bring that number to zero. get all the toys bought for the end of the newscast. guys? >> it's easy breezy. this is bruce johnson along georgia avenue. wal-mart says some 23,000 people applied for jobs at two stores that opened today. coming up more about who those people are. >> and we know the current state of the washington redskins. but is the relationship between mike shanahan and rg3 on some rocky ground? that's next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
now that the washington redskins are playing for pride, the dissection of the franchise and the predictions for the off- season are starting to heat up. what coaching changes are coming? will mike shanahan be back? and the bigger question now is just how solid is the relationship between coach's franchise quarterback? that was one of the main topics at today's press conference in
5:58 pm
ashburn. there was very little chat about their upcoming game against kansas city and more about the state of the team. however, both griffin and shanahan of course say their relationship is just fine. >> i haven't spent a lot of time here obviously. i haven't spent a lot of time in the league and it takes time to build that trust over time. with a coach anytime. >> i think it's always been good. yeah. i know -- some of the things i read it's not always that good. but i've always felt it's been good. >> and the state of the redskins is a national conversation. most of the attention is on the ownership. if mike shanahan were not to come back next season, could the redskins even get a high quality coach to replace him? according to former super bowl winning coach tony dungy the answer is no. here's what he had to say on the show earlier this week on dan patrick's show. >> when you're interviewing coaches for the job and you haven't told me i've lost the job, yet -- no. i would not want to work there. you work for dan rooney.
5:59 pm
you work for lamar hunt and you work for jimmer say. you know even -- glazier's were great to me and let me pass or fail based on my ability. and we knew it would be coming and we knew it would be testy. pittsburgh steelers' head coach mike tomlin has been fined $100,000 by the league for his sideline interference in thursday night's ravens game. a loss of a draft pick is still a possibility later on. tonight at 6:00, a very tough decision. open for business and sharing with those who are less fortunate. >> let's get started with a look at the most important stories in your world in 90 seconds. >> more than two feet of snow is on the ground if due lot, minnesota and another foot is expected -- >> supposed to get down to 15 below. >> in minneapolis more than 15 inches of snow is expected. people in colorado could get 15
6:00 pm
inches of snow today. president obama is pushing to get more young people to sign up for health insurance. stopping by a white house youth summit. the president encouraged young adults to show their friends how to enroll. georgia republican tom price is pushing his own health care legislation that he says is more attractive to young people. >> mr. president, we got a better idea. give me a call. stocks were lower and investors are worried that a pair of better than expected reports on the economy will mean the federal reserve will start pulling back the stimulus program. happy van winkle sells just 7,000 cases of the bourbon. made even more rare by the recent theft around $26,000. as the search for the thief continues. >> be able to -- it is an inside job. >> the sheriff isn't buying this was all a publicity stunt. >> i was going to post a photo on facebook. >> it's one of her explaining she's teaching students how quickly a photo can beseen by


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